Prof. Doron Aurbach is a top energy scientist, a faculty member in the chemistry department at Bar Ilan University, leading the electrochemistry group which is one of the biggest research groups in Israel (> 40 people). He has educated so far hundreds of young scientists (e.g., 65 people received so far PhD degree under his supervision). He leads INREP (Israel National center for Electrochemical Propulsion, 25 research groups from 7 Israeli universities). ECS, MRS, ISE fellow, a senior editor for the Journal of the Electrochemical Society. His group has been working on non-aqueous, active metals, carbons electrochemistry, and intercalation reactions. They developed various in-situ spectro-electrochemical techniques and are currently developing all kinds of batteries and supercapacitors. They also work on water technologies (electrochemical desalination, disinfection, separation techniques). He published > 720 peer reviewed papers, > 25 patents (> 79000 citations, H-index 135, Google Scholar, Sept. 2022).

Prof. Malachi Noked is a faculty member in the chemistry department, and a member of Bar Ilan institute for nanotechnology and advanced materials (BINA). Noked’s research group (20 people) heavily involved in research field of energy storage materials and devices. Noked is the Israeli lead of BIRD energy storage consortium, composed of 9 academic groups and 4 companies from Israel and US.

The BIU team benefits from full access to the characterization systems (high resolution microscopy and spectroscopy tools) at the chemistry department and BINA. Additionally, the two groups have hundreds of electrochemical cycling channels, and pouch cell fabrication facility of prototypes.